Monday, 2 January 2012

No. 1


wooooooo !! Ive been soooo lazy recently with my hair. i use crazy colour and pre-bleach. my hair can grow 2 ins in about 2-3 weeks. with working in a hair dressers i have to keep the colour up. but with christmas and being lazy and lying in, i just could not be bothered. But i finally did it yesterday and am so glad. i think i am gradually have ombre but with pink on the roots going down to red ? what do you think? ill put some pictures up of new years. i pre warn you i look a mess as i took these at about 2am and quite a bit of alcohol was consumed :/

i did warm you ...

lipstick - sleek , matte , - mystic 
the lipstick is quite dry so i tend to put a clear gloss over it. 

eye lashes - ebay -10 pack

i really love these lashes ! these are one of the two types i tend to reach for everyday. i get all my lashes from ebay and get 10 sets in a pack for 99p. so in some ways cheeper then mascara if you brought a few packs.

for my shadow i used the sleek storm pallet. this is one of my favorites at the moment. Ive been saving up my super drug points and intend to buy a new pallet every time i have 600 points . The points system i have found to be quite good and only took me 3 months. i go  into superdrug probably once a week to buy  shampoo , paracetamol toothpaste ect so buy buying the essentials, Im getting a reward :)

happy new year ...

Love megan x 

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