Thursday, 27 June 2013

Another Charity Shop Haul ... Sorry, But Not Sorry

This First Piece im so chuffed with! its a cropped wrap over vintage shirt and cost £3 

I think is is actually a nightie :/ ohh well! i wore it the other day with a white bodycon dress underneath and it was nice and cool, not bad for £2.45

These trousers were a steal at £1 !! who knew charity shops would have a sale rail 

This was also £1 on the sale rail

My favorite find! big more pricey at £5 but it fits me soooo well and i love the square neckline 

Cant wait to wear this £2 shirt this autumn with a pair of highwaisted jeans 

Love this swimming costume! reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in some pictures i have seen! fits me really well and hides lots of sins! 

there will probably be another haul video this weekend from the carboot sale, so i will speak then

Love Meg xxx 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

New Hair

This week i had finally had enough with my hair and decided for a change! i wanted something summery as we have such amazing weather in the UK ... HAHAHAH just kidding! so the weather is crap and not making me feel summery so decided to change my hair and try and make myself feel better in the crappy cold rainy weather we are having. 

so anyways, anyone that has been following my blog for a while will know im not afraid of hair color. working in a hair dressers for 3 years is probably the reason. i decided to go for dip dying. know i know im a bit slow off the bandwagon but oh well i got there eventually. its a bit more like highlights that are not at the roots as i have sort of used 5 different colors.

so here is what i have now (excuse the heavy selfie post)

So i have the reddish brown that was all over

i then, using bleach, dyed the ends of my hair, leaving it a really light copper blonde 

and then the cheat HAHA (i didn't want to put anymore dye in my hair)..

using my old blonde and ginger extensions i dyed the roots of them a dark brown and left the ends, cut and styled them to suit my hair

and there we have it :) a cheat way of dip dying :) it works really well i think and im really happy with it. defiantly keeping this for a while 

speak soon,

Love Meg xxx

Monday, 10 June 2013

OOTD - Fashion show outfit

Last friday i was invited to a fashion show at my old college and of course i said yes! the college is known for its high quality of work and couldnt wait to see all the work that they had done in the last year.
i hope to do a picture post of the show but i will have to ask the designers for the use of there work first, but first i will show you what i wore to the event.

i wore the purple vintage top that i talked about in my previous post £1
river island molly jeans £35
newlook heals (christmas sale) £8 
Newlook neaklace £19.99
primark rings £2.00

I like how i have put the top with the jeans to make it slightly more casual. the pale blue also works well with the silver shoes and purple and ties it all in 

Speak tomorrow,
Love Meg xxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Im back ... and with a carboot sale haul!

Carboot sale haul

Im not going to go into detail of why i haven't blogged for nearly a year and its pretty obvious its because of uni :/ but with summer her now im ready to get back into it. 

the next few posts will be charity shop and car boot sale hauls and also ootd featuring some of the pieces.

so lets get started..

me and mum always as my dad says, "go on our jollys" with my mum being disabled she cant drive and neither can i, we get about by bus.
this was the first carboot sale of the year for me and mum so its weird getting back into it, but we soon got stuck in finding some right here is what i got from the last two weeks of going to my local carboot sale ...

i LOVE this bag and the handles! and it only cost me £1

This mohair jumper/jacket my M&S is perfect for autumn or even those chilly summer evenings £1.50 

beaded white top 50p perfect to wear with jeans

i love this top! the lady i got it from use to wear it for dance! its vintage as well and cost me just £1

this was my ultimate bargain... well... EVER!! i got all 13 eyeshadows, Lipline and bobbi brown lipstick for £6! some of the eyeshaddows have been used but i have sanitized them :) i also tot the tops off any lip products!

the lilac is the mac lip pencil and the bottom is the lipstick 

brand new fakebake for 20p

vintage jaques very cardigan £1

backless evening dress 75p

sequin oasis top 50p

brand new heated rollers £2 

i got a few bargains don't you think ?

comment bellow on any of you latest bootsale bargains!!

Love Meg xxx

Friday, 3 May 2013


So its safe to say i havent blogged in nearly a year? OOOPS!!

its been a busy one! so heres a few things that have gone down ...

- I started my fashion degree at the university of Northampton

- I turned 20 

- i got a boyfriend

- I got drunk ... lots 

- i brought way to many clothes

- i got red of my red hair :(

- my brother and sister in law had the most beautiful baby, Benjamin! 

As many of you might know starting uni is a HUGE culture shock! you move out and move in with people you dont know, you have to fend for your self, you get home sick, but its 100% worth it! 

i hope to start my blog up again but i will be adding things that im making and customizing and will be putting my one off pieces up for sale.

I love a good picture post sothis is my year that you missed in photos...

Sean, Paige and me on one of the more recent nights out

Traditional picture in the lift!

Me and my boyfriend sam :)

My 20th birthday party at uni, with three of my house mates for next year 

Halloween! me and Stephyyyy

All the guys i live with :)

Uv Party, me and the gibbo

I have become known for balancing things on my head :/

UV party! if you get the chance ... GO!!!

i will dance anywhere... uni Christmas dinner 2011

if you want to follow my instagram - mj_turner 

i post daily :)

Love Meg :) xxx