Friday, 3 May 2013


So its safe to say i havent blogged in nearly a year? OOOPS!!

its been a busy one! so heres a few things that have gone down ...

- I started my fashion degree at the university of Northampton

- I turned 20 

- i got a boyfriend

- I got drunk ... lots 

- i brought way to many clothes

- i got red of my red hair :(

- my brother and sister in law had the most beautiful baby, Benjamin! 

As many of you might know starting uni is a HUGE culture shock! you move out and move in with people you dont know, you have to fend for your self, you get home sick, but its 100% worth it! 

i hope to start my blog up again but i will be adding things that im making and customizing and will be putting my one off pieces up for sale.

I love a good picture post sothis is my year that you missed in photos...

Sean, Paige and me on one of the more recent nights out

Traditional picture in the lift!

Me and my boyfriend sam :)

My 20th birthday party at uni, with three of my house mates for next year 

Halloween! me and Stephyyyy

All the guys i live with :)

Uv Party, me and the gibbo

I have become known for balancing things on my head :/

UV party! if you get the chance ... GO!!!

i will dance anywhere... uni Christmas dinner 2011

if you want to follow my instagram - mj_turner 

i post daily :)

Love Meg :) xxx

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