Thursday, 29 September 2011

got a few things from carboot sales, charity shops and rummage sales... here are my favorites :)

i got this vintage shirt from a church rummage sale for two pounds! BARGAIN! the quality is amazing, they dont make them like they use too :)

I LOVE this jacket! its perfect for nights out or just going out for a meal with friends. some times i wear it for college, i just through it on with a pair of jeans and white or black vests. i brought it from a car boot sale a few months back. i got it for three pounds, which is not bad at all as its a vintage jacques vert!!

I wish this was better quality :( this is sooo on trend at the moment. I got this from a charity shop in hertfordshire for 99p ! it was bright white but i already had a very similar one that was my nan's so decided i would dye it. i wanted is a deep plum color but it didn't turn out how i originaly wanted it :( but on the plus side its been fantastic weather this week and wouldn't have wanted such a dark skirt. maybe i will try again when Im back to wooly socks and boots.