Sunday, 26 February 2012

No.51 - 13 hours and counting

13 hours and counting !

eeeekkk im going to Rome in less than 13 hours!! so excited not only is it a week away, its with my 4 best friends and for college! i cant wait to go now. To get in the spirt of it all i have been watching the one and only Lizzie Mcguire movie... i know i am 19 but still its so exciting to see all of the places she visits and i will be there tomorrow :) 

Never to old for Lizzie Mcguire. look at some of the outfits she wears, was not too long ago that i wanted to be just like her. 

who were your childhood idols ?

Love Meg xx 

Friday, 24 February 2012

No.50 - MUA at superdrug

MUA at Superdrug 

A few months ago i picked up both and blusher and bronzer from the MUA collection. Not only is most of the collection just £1 but it also is fantastic products for the money. 

As you can see they are well loved and could not fault them. i have been using them for months. i also love these as they are matt. if i want a shimmer i just add a bronze shimmer on top.

This is the makeup i have wearing recently, bronze on the tops of the cheeks and the blush on the apples.

a few people ask which eyeshadows i use and this is the oneMUA eyeshadow pallet

Superdrug MUA products -  MUA products 

Ebay link to MUA products - MUA EBAY

What are your favorite MUA products ?

Love Meg xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No.49 - Pieces I am loving right now

No.48 - My hair story

My hair story 

this picture is so old ! i think i was about 14-15 ? for about 5 years ago. this is my natural hair colour.

This was the first time i had dyed my hair! this was a semi colour, red mahogany.

this, beleave it on not is a live XL colour! my hair is very dark and did not really take.

this is the same Live XL but i had pre bleached. ( i do work in a hair dressers! always check at a hair dressers before doing a home colour like this)

At this point i had ditched the Live XL and went to fire crazy colour 

i got bored of the red ... for a while and went this copper colour, Loreal mango 

This is my current colour. i mix 1/3 pinkissimo 2/3 fire :)

hope you find this interesting :)

Love Meg xx

No.47 - In The Navy

In The Navy

Oasis nautical dress
$115 -

No.46 - Monochrome OOTD

Monochrome - OOTD

the las few weeks i have been so bored with my clothes! its been yucky weather in the UK recently and  decided i wanted a change. i wore this plain white jumper and these pattern leggings to ... trying to stay away from the solid black 

H&M jumper - £10 sale last year 
River Island leggings - £3 summer sale
River Island boots - £30 sale 

winter outfits are so hard to put together when you don't use black !
till next time ...

Love Meg xx

Monday, 20 February 2012

No.45 - What's in my bag??

What's in my bag ??

1. Ear phone 
2. iphone 
3. nail varnish 
4. compact mirror 
5. old bus tickets 
6. glasses 
7. neutral lipgloss
8. eye drops 
9. gum 
10. pain killers 
11. purse 
12. hair grips 
13. keys 
14. bracelet 

A small insight into my life :)

Love Megan xx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

No.44 - A hated post, Sorry x

A post your going to hate...
Just text ... sorry 

I know know, ive been crap at updating my blogger, but i've been crazy busy. I have had two projects to be finished for tomorrow and i've had to prepare for uni interviews. Ive also been really sick this last week, with is becoming a bit to common in my life recently. so i thought i would let you know of my week coming up just so you know if im not posting its why. 
BUT i have sort of some exciting news :)

Monday - coventry uni, if anyone knows about the uni please let me know, ive heard that its just as good at LCF ??
Tuesday - College for 9-2 
Wednesday - college from 8.45 - 10.45 enough time for a post i think 
Thursday college from 9 - 5 
Friday college for 9-5 
saturday - work - 8-5 
sunday - SLEEP!! 
 BECAUSE.... Im going to Rome,Italy at 2am monday YAYYYY 

i wont be posting for a few days that week... obviously, but i will but up sort of a day in the life for each day on there :)

Im SOOOOO excited as i have never been out of the country before.
any advice ?

Love Meg xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

No.41 - Get to know me

Get to know me

Vital Stats:
Name - megan turner
Nicknames - minnie , meg , meggy, megan two shoes ( comment if you want to know why :)
Birthday - 19 december 1992
Place of Birth - hemel hempstead
Occupation - student / salon junior

Hair colour - Red 
Hair length - Mid Lenght / Long 
Eye colour - green
Best feature - eyes 
Braces - Not any more, had them when i was 7 till i was 10
Piercings - 2 in each ear
Tattoos - none
Righty of Lefty - righty 

Best friend - mum
Award - Art
Sport - Dance 
Real Holiday - Cornwall

Film - shawshank 
TV Show - Towie
Colour - Pink
Restaurant - Love a good harvesters 
Store - charity shops  
Magazine - ELLE

Feeling - tired
Single or Taken - single 
Eating - chicken kebab 
Listening to - the jones 
Wearing - black leggings and black long sleeve top 

Want Children - yes
Want to be married - yes
Careers in mind - fashion design
Where do you want to live - anywhere my family is 

Do you believe in:
God - Yes 
Miracles - yes
Love at first sight - yes 
Ghosts - yes
Aliens - no
Heaven - yes
Hell - yes
Yourself - 100%

Thought i would do this tag for my followers to get use to me a bit more. try it yourself :)

Love Meg x

No.40 - Garden Party

Garden Party

£35 -

£60 -

By Malene Birger pointy heels
$595 -

Rochas soft leather bag
£1,230 -

Peacock handbag

Skull jewelry

Lanvin silk jewelry
£414 -

No.39 - Bring on summer

Bring on summer

Sleeveless blouse
$48 -

River Island skinny jeans
£35 -

River Island printed legging
£20 -

River Island strappy sandals
£65 -

H&M round sunglasses
£5.99 -

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

No.38 - Makeup brushes

My favorite makeup brushes 

these are my three ultimate go to brushes 

1. models own angled brush -

i use this brush for my eye browns, the models own collection are not to be over looked! i have had this brush for about two years and as far as i am aware, there has been no shedding and it is in as good of quality as when new. it is the perfect slimness and just amazing for the eye brown shape i have.

2. Models own Eye shading brush 

This is the best all around eye shadow brush i have ever used, and trust me i have used a few! perfect for blending creases and amazing for just pushing on colour. once again never had any problems and cleans up very well.

3. Primark small brush

i got this brush as a present last year and have never looked back. looking at it, it looks cheep and horrible  to be quite frank, But the hair are soft and perfect for concealer and cleans up well with no problems.

all of the above brushes are all under £4 ! Amazing huhhh :)

Love Megan x

No.36 - January favorites

No.36 - January favorites

Red jeans - versace 
i got this in the christmas sale, i needed an everyday perfume for college that i wouldnt mind putting in the bottom of my bag that didn't cost a lot. i found this for £10 in boots and actually i really like the smell.!

Pantene pro-v split end serum 

this has saved my life!! smells amazing and leaves my hair and extensions in amazing condition. good alternative to moroccan oil and only about £3 

Soap and glory - sexy mother pucker 

Leaves my lips soft and plump, use everyday in the morning after foundation, leaving it to soak into the lips before lipstick. 

Sleek pallet - storm 

my favorite pallet i think. i have used to death and will for a few months ahead.

Scharzkopf hair shine.

Amazing smell and leaves hair glossy and shiny. also helps to repair the hair.

Wilkinson face wipes 

its been a bit of a tight month, so i found these 2 for £1. they have cleared my skin up and really make my skin feel healthy. unlike other face wipes i don't feel like my skin is dry after.

let me know if you like the monthly favorites so i know to do them again <3

Love Megan x