Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No.48 - My hair story

My hair story 

this picture is so old ! i think i was about 14-15 ? for about 5 years ago. this is my natural hair colour.

This was the first time i had dyed my hair! this was a semi colour, red mahogany.

this, beleave it on not is a live XL colour! my hair is very dark and did not really take.

this is the same Live XL but i had pre bleached. ( i do work in a hair dressers! always check at a hair dressers before doing a home colour like this)

At this point i had ditched the Live XL and went to fire crazy colour 

i got bored of the red ... for a while and went this copper colour, Loreal mango 

This is my current colour. i mix 1/3 pinkissimo 2/3 fire :)

hope you find this interesting :)

Love Meg xx

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