Saturday, 4 February 2012

No. 30 - What i do when i CBA to do my roots

Back to normal ?

Ok so once again, Im very sorry :)

So i got all of my portfolio done on friday, giving myself saturday to go to work, in the evening reply to all comments and then sunday get loads of posts up. Well safe to say that life is never that simple. i woke up this morning, felt a bit sick, got ready anyway. my brother elliot started driving. well i didnt even get to the end of the road before getting sick... i know TMI. i then slept from 8am till 5pm :) best sleep ever and now im ready to go.

So back to updating the uploads :)

What i do when im lazy and cant be bothered to re-do my roots...

Thought i would show some funny pictures of my hair ....

I highlight my T section :)
 this took me about 40mins overall ... rarther then the 2 hours it normaly does :)
You can see how much of a loverly blonde i would be ... NOT!!


YAY for crazy colour :)

Love Megan x

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