Saturday, 4 February 2012

No. 31 - my current favorite fake tan

No. 31 - My current favorite fake tan 

Ok .. i know its snowing in england, but hey-ho who doesn't love a little tan. I guess Im quite lucky in the way that most people think Im some sort of mixed race and it comes off as natural. i wish !!! as far as i know, all my family are either from liverpool or birmingham, which are about as exotic as an plate of fish and chips. 

So ... back to the tan. i have tried so many tans and they are either ORANGE or last about 4 hours before going patchy. so after searching and searching i found someone talking about using spray tan solution on a tanning mitt. What a clever idea. not only is it super cheap but its designed to last a long time on the skin. 

i went into my local sallys and the only one they had was in a bottle about half the size of my body. i started looking on ebay and found a selling that sells a product called 'liquid sunshine'. they are in a large selection on shades and size bottles... i decided to get the bottle of 500ml.  which was about £8 ? i got this at the end of november and i have just over 1/4 of a bottle left! Amazing value and amazing product.

i have spent the last half an hour finding the ebay seller and they don't currently have any listings but keep an eye out!


  1. i love st moriz its 5 quid for a bottle really natural looking and quick drying xo

    1. i agree!! :) but still love this more :D

      Love Meg x