Wednesday, 8 February 2012

No.38 - Makeup brushes

My favorite makeup brushes 

these are my three ultimate go to brushes 

1. models own angled brush -

i use this brush for my eye browns, the models own collection are not to be over looked! i have had this brush for about two years and as far as i am aware, there has been no shedding and it is in as good of quality as when new. it is the perfect slimness and just amazing for the eye brown shape i have.

2. Models own Eye shading brush 

This is the best all around eye shadow brush i have ever used, and trust me i have used a few! perfect for blending creases and amazing for just pushing on colour. once again never had any problems and cleans up very well.

3. Primark small brush

i got this brush as a present last year and have never looked back. looking at it, it looks cheep and horrible  to be quite frank, But the hair are soft and perfect for concealer and cleans up well with no problems.

all of the above brushes are all under £4 ! Amazing huhhh :)

Love Megan x


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog :)
    My lipstick is only Miss Sporty from Superdrug as I just wanted to get a cheap one at first to see whether I liked it and the £2.59 price tag was perfect!
    Claudia xxx

    1. really?? wow. im going to see if i can get it tomorrow xx

  2. Heyy Gorgeous
    love your blog its super cute :)
    if you follow me ill follow you back :P

    much love

  3. I've been in need of some good makeup brushes for quite some time now. (I always use my fingers!) Might have to give these a try... I love the look of that purple one!

  4. Wow, that Primark one sounds so good! It's surprising what you can get for your money :) I love Models Own products, they're soo nice <3
    Zoe xoxo

  5. OMG I have the same Primark brush, since like 2010!