Tuesday, 31 January 2012



AHHH im so happy i have being writing this blog for just about 30 days and i have just been given my first award!

The Five Blogs i am going to give this back to are.. ( drum roll ) 

( Im also going to give reasons as i think its nice to know what you are doing right )

1. http://2ndhandcinderella.blogspot.com/

I LOVE this blog and what it stands for! she constantly posts outfits that inspire me to keep and open mind when charity shopping , her style is also amazing :)


Love the outfits she puts together and the photography.

3. http://dollynails.blogspot.com/

Sooo Talented, its crazy. I like the way she posts what she has been doing at college and all the make-up looks she has been achieving :)

4. http://keep-moving-forwardd.blogspot.com/

Love this blog as i sometimes wonder if im writing it myself... ( okay hard to explain) she thinks exactly how i think and we have similar tastes :)

5. http://amenfashion17.blogspot.com/

Her blog is very informative and her style is so chic. I love looking at the pictures she posts :)

Love Megan x

Monday, 30 January 2012

No.27 - How i get my hair so red


What i use on my hair to get it so red  

first of all i bleach my hair. just to put this out there, only do this if you dont have a lot of previous colour in, its even better if you havent dyed your hair before as your hair will not be as porous. Try not to over lap the bleaching as this can cause your hair to break.

This bleach is from superdrug in the UK. i normally by them when they are on offer and get deals like 3 for £7.99 or 2 for 4.99 
this is just the same as a branded hair lifter.
i sometimes mix this with conditioner.

I then use crazy colour. Lots of people ask me if my hair is in bad condition because of the bleach and crazy colour. to tell you the truth it probably would be, but i do keep it well. with working in a hair dressers, i do get it cut every 5 weeks and always put conditioning treatments on. 

it says on the bottle to leave it about 15 mins but i leave it on for as long as i want really. this is liturally just a conditioner with food colouring. ok not liturally. if has no peroxide in, so quite safe. this stains like crazy! always wear gloves :)

This also works amazing on darker hair, a friend from work has naturally dark hair and she puts it on that. it just gives a dark red glossy shine to the hair that can be washed out :)

Once again i get this for a bargain. i used to buy it in sallys but it cost about £6.95 a bottle. i then started to get it from a local beauty suppliers and it was about £4.00. i then check out ebay and found a seller who sells 4 bottles for only £10.50 that is with the postage as well ! so about 2.60 each. i will post a link bellow :)


Hope this helps 

Love Megan xx

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

No.27 - intense eyes

No. 27

EEEKKKKKK Late post :(

I know Im in trouble :) forgive me i will get the posts up now!For those of you that have no clue what i am going on about, i am doing a year task where i upload everyday, if i miss one day i still have to upload the missing posts. At the end of the year (31st december) i will have 365 post... i hope.

so here we go, No. 27.

Intense eyes

This is yet another look from the storm pallet :) i just like to show you how many looks you can get from it :) i just have a nude lip , liquid liner and and the bronze and the black for the shadow. keeping th dark colours as close to the lash line as possibal.

Next post is my hair over the last year.

Love Megan x

No.26 - M.I.A

No.26 - M.I.A

Sorry i have not had time to reply to messages today, its currently 9.47 PM and have now officially sent of my London college of Fashion Portfolio. i have been slaving away the last few days making sure every thing is perfect!!

Anyway, so i now have the finished pictures of the garments that have made in this year, So here they are....

The above images you have already seen in a previous post.

This is another dress i have made inspired by Avatar. 

Wish me luck for LCF :)

Love Megan x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

No.25 Teeth Whitening. Get ya pearly whites out ;)


Teeth Whitening

Alot of people ask me "how are your teeth so white?"
Well it it the infamous crest white strips!
there are good points and bad so i thought i would let you know...

this picture is horibal but just wanted to show that it is not  make up trickery :)

They are not perfect but they are quite white :)

And this is how i did it ^^^

all i did was put one of the top and one on the bottom every 3 days. you are ment to use every day but i found my teeth were very sensitive. even hearing someone say 'cotton wool' would make me feel sick and began dreaded eating. i stopped using them for about a month and then started again every 3 days. i got a box of 30 pouches if i remember correctly. i got them from Ebay for £20. i still have a few left too.

Hope this helps :)

Love Megan x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

No.24 - Indian inspired garment


Indian inspired garment 

This is a garment i made a few months ago for college. it was inspired by india, so i it was right up my street with the colours and beads! this was my favorite piece i have made so far :)

i will be doing a photo shoot later this week so i may put up a better picture then, As the main detail is actually on the back.

hope you like it :)

Love Megan x

Monday, 23 January 2012

No.23 - Updated work Still not finished :(


Updated Work... Still not finished :(

Nearly finished :) this took me ages, once again LOL
its only a small upload but, a few of you wanted to have a look and i didn't want to but it at the end of a  OOTD :)

My next upload is a picture of one of my garments i have made :)

Love Megan x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

No.22 - updated nails


Updated Nails 

As you possibly remember i did a post about this nail colour a few days ago? well while blog browsing i found a young girl called "Dolly nails" and she did something similar to this. i love the simplicity of just adding another coat of nail polish and added a few jems to create a new look.

I love them :) try it out ...

Love Megan x

Make your eyes POP

No. 21

Make your eyes POP!

This look has been about for the last few months, and wanted to have a go. I couldn't decided what colour to go with but knew that i wanted it to make my eyes POP. I then remembered what my art teacher said to me in first year "if you want a colour to stand out, look at the colour wheel" 

To do this yourself, use the outside ring and choose the colour that is most like our eye colour, mine being the lightest green. The colour on the opposite side is a 'Complementry colour' mine is the pinky purple colour. 

All i then did was my neutral make up and put a small amount of the pink colour under my eyes.

As you can see it give a new look to any make up :)

Speak tomorrow 

Love Megan x

Thursday, 19 January 2012



MINI Haul 

for my birthday my friend gave me a topshop voucher, somehow i have managed to save it for the end of the sales !! today we popped in and i found these babys that i have wanted for a while ...

TIP- when shopping in the topshop sales, if there is lots of one item of jewelry, wait till the following week and it will be reduced slightly more. 

Love Megan x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

And my day couldn't have been any more productive ...


And my day couldn't have been any more productive ...

this is what i have done all day...

At the moment for college we have two projects, Design a wedding dress and design and create an olympic accessory. with all of the different themes i have chosen to do gymnastics and ice skating. so this is the start of my concept board for my portfolio.  You wouldn't believe this took four hours would you ?

If you would like to see more of my work let me know!
I will be doing a photo shoot on friday for two of my garments , want to see ?

Love Megan x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

my current hair style


My current hair 

Sorry about the crap pictures, these were taken at the end of the night. i took my makeup off and had forgotten to take them :( i tried to get as best pictures as possible. 

1. i leave my hair in a towel for about 20min and put on the tresemme thermal creations potion.
2. rough dry all my hair, i find that if it goes big and the curls are broken, the more volume i get.
3. use the straightners to smooth out the base of the hair and curl under the ends.
4. fully curl my extensions and clip them in.
5. i then run my fingers threw my natural hair and the extensions. this make the curls look more natural and combine them together 

this is also how i did my hair in the christmas outfit of the day :)

Love Megan x

My favorite winter nail polish


My favorite winter nail polish 

Bronze rage 

this colour come off as very purple in the picture but it is a lot more brown, the second picture shows the colour better. this type of colour would still look amazing even in the summer with a tan as the bronze shades pick out the sunkissed tones in my skin. Having said this i always tend to wear brighter colours in the summer, does anyone else do that ?

Please excuse the messyness of the nails, these were rushed just for you :)

Love Megan x

Gothic Glam


Gothic Glam Make up

i have been experementing with darker eyeshadows this last week after seeing this old image of jessie j, i wanted it to be slightly more wearable so i decided to use a purple lip instead.

this is what i came up with

Make up 

foundation - mac face and body 
Blusher - MUA shade 2 
Bronzer - MUA shade 2
Eyeshadow - Matt Black
                                               -blended with peach shimmer 
Lips - rimmel Kate , shade 4

Love Megan x




so i have a little excuse of while i haven't been blogging for the last few days.

the truth is Im STUPID

ready for a story? so, sometimes when going threw puberty as you know some change happen, but when it was my turn, a few strange changes happened such as; my natural straight hair turned to ringlets, i became allergic to pritt stick (glue stick) , swimming pool water, and the worst... egg.

so to cut a rather to detailed story short, on sunday evening my mum got a frozen desert out of the freezer ready to defrost, OMG it looked amazing it was meringue roll with lemon in the middle. YUM. so i went about my ways, eating this amazing pudding and at about 9pm i started to feel a bit sick, which later on in the night started to get worse. after being ill all night i woke up and went down stairs to get a drink and saw the evil pudding box. it only then twigged what was in meringue... EGG !! 

Yes, i know, Im Silly !!

Love Megan x

Friday, 13 January 2012


Here is a look at my recent everyday make up.

I have been loving this purple smokey eye look this week. i know it wont be everyones cup of tea, but i like to be a bit different. i also found these lashes and have fallen in love with them all over again, i got 10 pairs of these for just £1 on ebay ! AMAZING. when ever i wear a dark eye i tend to just wear a simple nude lip gloss.

I use to be very insecure about my eyes as they are very small, close together and i squint all the time. what a suprise i only felt like that when other kids mentioned it at school! Bullies.  once i got into my first out of three years of college, a girl came up to me and told me i had the most amazing eyes. i asked her, why? she told me that they were such a unique shape and that they were almost the colour of emeralds. that from that day, whenever i think bad about myself i turn it into a negative. like squinty eyes = Unique or im having a fat pms day = i get to wear leggings and a jumper and i can be comfy all day! 

try it. it really helps with the way you look at your self!

Your all beautiful, 

Love Megan x 

OOTD sheer floral dress


OOTD - Sheer floral dress 

Although i have only changed my top from my last OOTD to me its a totally different look. Girly. Well not that girly but you get the idea, its a dress lol.
i got this in the newlook sale last year and haven't really worn it. while finding something to wear for work, this fell into my hands. if i wanted a slightly different look i would simply add my red velvet bow tie. not only would it pick out the red flowers but add another texture to the mix. Love a good old bargain hunt :)

Happy Sale shopping ;)

Love Megan x

OOTD red sheer cape shirt !!


OOTD - Red sheer cape shirt. 
(one from haul)

Love this red sheer shirt which i showed in a previous haul. As i said i would, i have done an outfit of the day with it :)

i love the way its shorter at the front and that it has the cape sleeve.

Sheer shirt - Republic £10 SALE

Leggings - Primark £3

Boots - River Island £35 SALE

Bow Tie - Primark £1

Speek soon , 

Love Megan x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Most demanding thing in my life ? Fashion


Most demanding thing in my life ?

This week has been soooooo hard for me. its my first week back to college after about a month off. the early mornings and achey legs are getting to me. With all of this in mind its safe to say this post is late ,Im not sure by how many days either. so i have decided to give you sort of half and outfit of the day? if you can call it that. Also as one more excuse, we have got builders in at the moment so the house is crazy messy, giving me no space to take pictures of outfits and bits and pieces. 


Shirt - sheer shirt from h&m with DIY added studs 

Bronze jumper - Primark about a year ago but i know they have similar in both H&M and primark currently.


foundation - mac face and body 
Blush - MUA shade 2
Bronzer - MUA 
Eye shadow - bronze shades from storm pallet 
Lashes - Ebay pack of 10
Lips - barryM 129
with soap and glory sexy mother pucker in candygloss 

Bit of a pants OOTD but you cant say i didn't try :)

Love Megan x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

perfect jumper necklaces

No. 9

Perfect jumper necklaces

River Island - £3.00

This necklace i picked up in the last River Island sale, i have one patterns jumper that i love to wear with just a pair of leggings and boots, but always looks like it need something more. this is perfect for that simple and pretty. 

Topshop £10.00

I found this in the summer sale last year, it was originally about £30.00. I can wear this in the summer with a vest and maxi skirt or in winter with a chunky knit jumper and leggings.

Topshop - £1

This is yet another Topshop necklace. i love finding these little bargains. i wear this as both a collar type necklace and a as a hair band. Not bad for a multi-use item. I also own this in cream.

Keep bargain hunting ..

Love Megan x