Monday, 23 January 2012

No.23 - Updated work Still not finished :(


Updated Work... Still not finished :(

Nearly finished :) this took me ages, once again LOL
its only a small upload but, a few of you wanted to have a look and i didn't want to but it at the end of a  OOTD :)

My next upload is a picture of one of my garments i have made :)

Love Megan x


  1. I like it, that's really nice! <3

  2. It looks fine :) Can't wait for a new post!
    Could you take a look at my personal style blog?
    Follow me if you like it.
    I'll be happy to follow you back :)
    Joanna from

  3. arw thankyou :) i will have a look at your blog now :)

    i will be posting a picture of my dress in about an hour :)

    Love meg x

  4. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! So do you do gymnastics/ice skating? I used to be a gymnast, now I dance, so I'm loving your collage.
    I'm following you now, hope you follow back :)

    1. hello, i use to do gym but havent for years, im currently studying fashion and my topic is olympics, so decided to look at skating and gymnastics as i love the costumes :D

      im now following your blog as well :)