Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Most demanding thing in my life ? Fashion


Most demanding thing in my life ?

This week has been soooooo hard for me. its my first week back to college after about a month off. the early mornings and achey legs are getting to me. With all of this in mind its safe to say this post is late ,Im not sure by how many days either. so i have decided to give you sort of half and outfit of the day? if you can call it that. Also as one more excuse, we have got builders in at the moment so the house is crazy messy, giving me no space to take pictures of outfits and bits and pieces. 


Shirt - sheer shirt from h&m with DIY added studs 

Bronze jumper - Primark about a year ago but i know they have similar in both H&M and primark currently.


foundation - mac face and body 
Blush - MUA shade 2
Bronzer - MUA 
Eye shadow - bronze shades from storm pallet 
Lashes - Ebay pack of 10
Lips - barryM 129
with soap and glory sexy mother pucker in candygloss 

Bit of a pants OOTD but you cant say i didn't try :)

Love Megan x


  1. Thank you for your comment :) Not going to lie - I much prefer your hair colour! & your lip colour!!


  2. I love your embellished blouse!

  3. Your blog is so pretty, I love the way you've done your eyebrows- they are so important!