Tuesday, 17 January 2012




so i have a little excuse of while i haven't been blogging for the last few days.

the truth is Im STUPID

ready for a story? so, sometimes when going threw puberty as you know some change happen, but when it was my turn, a few strange changes happened such as; my natural straight hair turned to ringlets, i became allergic to pritt stick (glue stick) , swimming pool water, and the worst... egg.

so to cut a rather to detailed story short, on sunday evening my mum got a frozen desert out of the freezer ready to defrost, OMG it looked amazing it was meringue roll with lemon in the middle. YUM. so i went about my ways, eating this amazing pudding and at about 9pm i started to feel a bit sick, which later on in the night started to get worse. after being ill all night i woke up and went down stairs to get a drink and saw the evil pudding box. it only then twigged what was in meringue... EGG !! 

Yes, i know, Im Silly !!

Love Megan x

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