Sunday, 8 January 2012


Soap and Glory <3

Over the last year or so i have been loving soap and glory! In boots they had a day just before christmas where the £50 gift set went down to £25, well i snapped it up. For the last month i have been using at least one of the products once a day, giving myself a chance to review each product for you ...

The righteous butter is one of my favorites from soap and glory. It sinks into the skin really well and leaves a scent behind which is the trademark soap and glory smell. i carry a small one around with me at all times, Its that nice !

With being on my feet all day in a salon my feet sometimes feel like they may just drop off. There is nothing i love more then to come home and give myself a little pedicure! the cream is in no way sticky but creamy. With this there is in no way any soggy feet when i put on my fluffy socks after.

This is another love of mine. For the last few weeks i have taken it with me to work for after washing clients hair, it soaks in very well but never leaves it greasy. many occasions i have dropper brushes because the cream wont sink in. This is the ideal hand cream.

Sadly this isnt one of my faves :( Dont get me wrong, the scent is perfect but for me the bubbles only seem to last a few minuets and much prefer good old radox.

Amazing ! this is my 3rd bottle now i use it for everything, even getting off tan. Once again the smell is great. the hand pump comes in very handy. Also the size is great!

:( The second product i unfortunately don't like, like i have said before i love the smell but i fee like when Im using them they are slightly to abrasive.

i swear by this! its has the perfect amount of grittyness , and once you have used it, it leave a oily feel to you skin, not leaving it dry and horrid. Also i have found it gets rid of all the difficult tan marks 

Hope this has been handy..

Love Megan x

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  1. Gosh, these products are really really good! I found them a couple of days ago at douglas (don'know if you know the store). And I fell in love with "flake away", "motherpucker lipgloss" and "catch a wrinkle in time". Unfortunately they don't have all of the products in germany :(

    Love, Anja