Monday, 30 January 2012

No.27 - How i get my hair so red


What i use on my hair to get it so red  

first of all i bleach my hair. just to put this out there, only do this if you dont have a lot of previous colour in, its even better if you havent dyed your hair before as your hair will not be as porous. Try not to over lap the bleaching as this can cause your hair to break.

This bleach is from superdrug in the UK. i normally by them when they are on offer and get deals like 3 for £7.99 or 2 for 4.99 
this is just the same as a branded hair lifter.
i sometimes mix this with conditioner.

I then use crazy colour. Lots of people ask me if my hair is in bad condition because of the bleach and crazy colour. to tell you the truth it probably would be, but i do keep it well. with working in a hair dressers, i do get it cut every 5 weeks and always put conditioning treatments on. 

it says on the bottle to leave it about 15 mins but i leave it on for as long as i want really. this is liturally just a conditioner with food colouring. ok not liturally. if has no peroxide in, so quite safe. this stains like crazy! always wear gloves :)

This also works amazing on darker hair, a friend from work has naturally dark hair and she puts it on that. it just gives a dark red glossy shine to the hair that can be washed out :)

Once again i get this for a bargain. i used to buy it in sallys but it cost about £6.95 a bottle. i then started to get it from a local beauty suppliers and it was about £4.00. i then check out ebay and found a seller who sells 4 bottles for only £10.50 that is with the postage as well ! so about 2.60 each. i will post a link bellow :)

Hope this helps 

Love Megan xx


  1. Never heard of Crazy Colour before! Your hair is an amazing shade of red! x

  2. Hi,I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award,its for blogs with less than 200 followers that deserve more recognition! :)

  3. wow your hair is fab! x