Sunday, 8 January 2012

Chubby finger rings ...

No. 6

Chubby finger rings ...

 Topman - £1.00 

Evans - £2.00

Both - 

Topman - £2.00 each 

As you can probably tell by the above pictures and title, i have chub fingers. Because of this i use to really struggle buying rings to fit. these are all my favorite rings in my collection. two of the shops that i always go to now to get rings are; Evans and Topman. they use to sell the skull ring in Topshop and i wanted it soooooo bad but it wouldn't fit! after a shopping trip with my mum, we decided to pop into Topman for my brother and i found it ! the rings in Evans are slightly more feminine but they are slightly behind the times in the way of fashion, but for simple elegance Evans is perfect ! 

Hope this has helped :) 

Love Megan x

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