Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Do your shoes have memories ?


Do your shoes have memories attatched ?

The title of this upload was going to be "my go-to heels", but once i started picking the shoes i was going to talk about i was pulling out shoes that had certain memories attatched. this is going to be like story time today.
these are my favorite shoes and there stories...

Newlook - £24.99

These shoes are probably the cheapest shoes i own. they only cost me in the end £1.99. what happened was, my second project of my fashion course turned out to be a competition. (it involved making a dress out of duct tape) With my dress i was runner up and won a prize of a £50 gift card to spend anywhere. In the summer of 2011 i spent some on the money and forgot about the card. in late november i was going to my cousins wedding and didn't have any shoes so decided to go around to newlook as they were doing a 20% student discount. i found these and took them to the till and was going to pay by card, as i pulled the card out, the gift card came with it. i asked the lady to scan the gift card and to my luck i only needed to pay an extra £1.99 for the shoes! 
lucky huhh !

Primark - £18 
These were my birthday shoes, that just last month i wore out for the 19th. i had all my work friends, college friends, school friends and brothers out in my local town and had the best night i could have wished for. I may do a post for my birthday seeing as it was only 2 weeks ago ... 

River island - £30 last year sale 

This pair have the best memories. i wore these on a night out with my best friend from work on a night out in a club in my local town. while on the night out i thought someone grabbed my arm. i just carried on dancing. (you know what i gets like in clubs) A few moments later someone grabbed my hand and pulled me off the dance floor. i was confused at first , then when i looked up it was a boy that i have been getting the bus with every day for the last few years, me on the way to college and him off to work, which i know now is a gym. we spent the rest of the night dancing and chatting, such a gentleman. he even told my friend how much he had liked me for the last year and never got the courage to talk to me as he's shy. well this was in the christmas holidays and Im yet to see him again but i will be next week, 
I will keep you up dated :)

hope you enjoyed my stories. let me know some of yours! 

Love Megan x

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