Tuesday, 17 January 2012

my current hair style


My current hair 

Sorry about the crap pictures, these were taken at the end of the night. i took my makeup off and had forgotten to take them :( i tried to get as best pictures as possible. 

1. i leave my hair in a towel for about 20min and put on the tresemme thermal creations potion.
2. rough dry all my hair, i find that if it goes big and the curls are broken, the more volume i get.
3. use the straightners to smooth out the base of the hair and curl under the ends.
4. fully curl my extensions and clip them in.
5. i then run my fingers threw my natural hair and the extensions. this make the curls look more natural and combine them together 

this is also how i did my hair in the christmas outfit of the day :)

Love Megan x


  1. thank you! let's follow each other! xoxo

  2. Your hair is so bright! I literally adore it! x

  3. This red looks so good on you! :)
    Love, Anja
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  4. Wow, very cool color! It's so brigt (:

  5. oh my gosh you hair looks AMAZING here! :o
    thanks for the follow, I love reading new blogs and yours is lovelyy, totally following back :)


  6. wow looks amazing on you...
    love, Rose