Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My YEAR challenge

My YEAR challenge ...

What have done today? went to college, popped into town to get my mum and I some soup for lunch, came home, ate , watched Tv for a few hours, glued a few pictures down, uploaded a blog post, ate dinner, watched Tv. 

Now as you can probably tell from the daily uploads of blog posts, i am giving myself a bit of a challenge. I want to do a blog post everyday for the next year... well may not be everyday. but you get the gist? as a new years sort of challenge i want to start something as a hobby/ give myself something to do instead of watching crappy Tv / being a bum. 

i know this is a really hard task 365 uploads in 1 year .. but Im going to set my mind to it. when i give myself a goal i tend to stick to it. for example... 

lent 2010 - i  gave up tomato ketchup, and i love tomato ketchup

lent 2011 - i gave up make up! YES make up . FOR 40 DAYS! The one thing i love getting up for in the morning.

So if i can take those things out of my life Im sure i can put an extra thing in?? 

i hope,

How about this, i will probably be away for a few days like on holidays or be ill ?  
if this is the case, i will ( at the most) give 3 post in one day to make up for the days that i could have missed , 

Example : if i miss 4 days, i will put 2 post up per day, for 4 days ? if the maths is correct. 

If i am in a good mood i can post more then 1 in one day also. to give myself a head start ? 

How about i just get started ?

Wish me luck ... 

Love Megan x

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