Sunday, 19 February 2012

No.44 - A hated post, Sorry x

A post your going to hate...
Just text ... sorry 

I know know, ive been crap at updating my blogger, but i've been crazy busy. I have had two projects to be finished for tomorrow and i've had to prepare for uni interviews. Ive also been really sick this last week, with is becoming a bit to common in my life recently. so i thought i would let you know of my week coming up just so you know if im not posting its why. 
BUT i have sort of some exciting news :)

Monday - coventry uni, if anyone knows about the uni please let me know, ive heard that its just as good at LCF ??
Tuesday - College for 9-2 
Wednesday - college from 8.45 - 10.45 enough time for a post i think 
Thursday college from 9 - 5 
Friday college for 9-5 
saturday - work - 8-5 
sunday - SLEEP!! 
 BECAUSE.... Im going to Rome,Italy at 2am monday YAYYYY 

i wont be posting for a few days that week... obviously, but i will but up sort of a day in the life for each day on there :)

Im SOOOOO excited as i have never been out of the country before.
any advice ?

Love Meg xx


  1. thanks a lot for your comment my love :)

  2. ah thankyou for the comment, and ah thats cool! dont you just love it? x