Wednesday, 8 February 2012

No.37 - Every day foundation

Everyday foundation 

Loreal true match -

this is the lighter to the two main foundations that i use. it has good coverage and really does match to your skin tone. 

Revlon Photoready

this foundation is beautiful and 100% give your flawless skin in photos. as i sometimes wear tan and never have the same colour tan (due to layering) i would always look at my foundation and worry that it wouldn't match perfectly. so i brought darker tan colour to mix with the lighter (true match by loreal) foundation. that way i can mix the two colours to order, so to speek. 

Side note ... 

as these are quite a matt foundations sometimes i want more of a dewy glow. i simply add a small amount of this liquid illuminator by revlon and it gives me a healthy glow 

Revlon - skinlights 

Love Megan x


  1. Revlon photoready is one of my favourites and I love Double Wear by Estee Lauder