Sunday, 9 June 2013

Im back ... and with a carboot sale haul!

Carboot sale haul

Im not going to go into detail of why i haven't blogged for nearly a year and its pretty obvious its because of uni :/ but with summer her now im ready to get back into it. 

the next few posts will be charity shop and car boot sale hauls and also ootd featuring some of the pieces.

so lets get started..

me and mum always as my dad says, "go on our jollys" with my mum being disabled she cant drive and neither can i, we get about by bus.
this was the first carboot sale of the year for me and mum so its weird getting back into it, but we soon got stuck in finding some right here is what i got from the last two weeks of going to my local carboot sale ...

i LOVE this bag and the handles! and it only cost me £1

This mohair jumper/jacket my M&S is perfect for autumn or even those chilly summer evenings £1.50 

beaded white top 50p perfect to wear with jeans

i love this top! the lady i got it from use to wear it for dance! its vintage as well and cost me just £1

this was my ultimate bargain... well... EVER!! i got all 13 eyeshadows, Lipline and bobbi brown lipstick for £6! some of the eyeshaddows have been used but i have sanitized them :) i also tot the tops off any lip products!

the lilac is the mac lip pencil and the bottom is the lipstick 

brand new fakebake for 20p

vintage jaques very cardigan £1

backless evening dress 75p

sequin oasis top 50p

brand new heated rollers £2 

i got a few bargains don't you think ?

comment bellow on any of you latest bootsale bargains!!

Love Meg xxx

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