Sunday, 23 June 2013

New Hair

This week i had finally had enough with my hair and decided for a change! i wanted something summery as we have such amazing weather in the UK ... HAHAHAH just kidding! so the weather is crap and not making me feel summery so decided to change my hair and try and make myself feel better in the crappy cold rainy weather we are having. 

so anyways, anyone that has been following my blog for a while will know im not afraid of hair color. working in a hair dressers for 3 years is probably the reason. i decided to go for dip dying. know i know im a bit slow off the bandwagon but oh well i got there eventually. its a bit more like highlights that are not at the roots as i have sort of used 5 different colors.

so here is what i have now (excuse the heavy selfie post)

So i have the reddish brown that was all over

i then, using bleach, dyed the ends of my hair, leaving it a really light copper blonde 

and then the cheat HAHA (i didn't want to put anymore dye in my hair)..

using my old blonde and ginger extensions i dyed the roots of them a dark brown and left the ends, cut and styled them to suit my hair

and there we have it :) a cheat way of dip dying :) it works really well i think and im really happy with it. defiantly keeping this for a while 

speak soon,

Love Meg xxx

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  1. dip dye/ombre will never go out of style!!looks really nice!!1 please check out my blog and maybe follow? im new to this much love xox