Wednesday, 11 July 2012

No.55 - From day to night!

 From day to night 

i got this dress in the topshop sale last week and fell in love. its just my style and i adore the colour. i thought it would look mad with my hair but i actually quite like the colour clash!
this is how i styled it for the day to the night.

this was such a simple look, just the dress a black blazer and black converse! Easy! i wanted to keep to a neutral colour, so decided to go for the black as my hair and the dress were a on the line of being too much!

i ended up going out in the evening but didn't want to take of the dress! i decided to do the same and choose another neutral colour so went for a nudeish bag and heals. i don't have many clutch bags.... hmm time to invest!! future haul ??

Love Megan xxx

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