Monday, 9 July 2012

No.53 - Sorry ? i thought it was summer? oh wait its england !!!

9th july 2012  - Oh sorry i thought it was summer? ohh wait its england

well for those of you that don't know english weather at the moment is rubbish! Im currently freezing my arse off! to make matters worse Im not going away this year and i very much doubt the rain and cold winds are going to stop any time soon.

anyway to get to the point, over the last month or so ALL of my boots have broken so i needed a new pair. this is easier said then done when the shops are full to the brim of flip flops and summer wedges. i had a quick look on ebay and everything was boring and black! not something i want to be wearing in the summer. i had another look the other day and came across these babys! 

Leather - check!
colourful - Check!
have potential - Check!
Cost next to nothing? - Check 

As you can probably tell i have worn these a lot! they have saved my feet from the pouring rain! and they are really comfy too! 

These shoes are from Barrats, and as they are leather guessing they were around £40. i got them for £2.50 each!! so i got quite a bargain don't you think? 

i might stud the blue pair? what do you think? 

sorry its been a while but i'm back to blogging now. and i will fill you all in with what i've been doing. i hope to do some D.I.Ys , outfits posts and hauls within the next few days. 

you know that that means ?? back to a blog post per day!! EEEKK 

Love Meg xxx

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