Saturday, 31 December 2011


does anyone else feel like there is constantly sales on? not that I'm complaining! with my birthday a week before christmas and then christmas the money comes in pretty handy. every year in the christmas sales i go and buy a few new pairs of shoes and boots that will keep me going over the horibal winter months that we have in the uk. i also picked up a few other bits...

I LOVE these! they are a bit like the topshop alegra boots ? i got them in river island for £35 ! 

sheer shirts are totally on trend at the moment. found this baby in republic by chance while getting a few bits for my brother for christmas. i probably wouldnt have even looked if it wasnt for the fact it was on the end of the rail. its not a traditional style shirt its kind of like a cape ? but with arm holes. i may have to do a OOTD with this just to show it. a guess what ... it cost £10 !!!

I got this as a present for my birthday. I have seen them in Topshop but never really found one that fit me really well. I went shopping on my birthday and saw this in Newlook. it was only £25 in the sale. they also had it in a plum colour and camel tone. I decided to get away from the winter colours and choose this pink colour, with any luck this will take me right threw to spring.


YAY i got an ear cuff :) it hooks on the top of your ear and hangs down. i may take the stars of and replace with another type of charm. im not sure yet. £3 topshop sale.

im not quite sure how much this cost as it was a gift. thought i would show you anyways. i have not worn this out yet but hoping it will look loverly around my new pink blazer jacket :)


Love Megan x

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